Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2D oriental MMORPG that centers around the story of a world in chaos and your character is one of the chosen warriors who is there to protect the world’s citizen’s from the darkness brought by it. As one of those “chosen warriors” in Conquer Online, you get to choose from eight different job classes. You can be a Taoist, Trojan, Archer, Warrior, Oriental Assassin, Ninja, Pirate, or Monk.

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Seal online


Seal Online is a free to play anime inspired 3D fantasy MMORPG with some features such as combo attacks, match making and pets. The game is mostly a point-and-click MMORPG; movement, combat, and many other commands are all controlled by mouse.

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SAO’s Legend


SAO’s Legend is browser-based MMORPG that may not live up to the original Sword Art Online game, but is fun and entertaining in its very own way. Featuring the classic and automated gameplay of most web-based MMORPG, you’ll get to enjoy the level progression process of your character and the camaraderie with the other players as you all work together to bring glory to your guild.

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Soldiers Inc.


Soldiers Inc. is a 2D strategy MMO available on internet browser and Facebook, developed by Plarium. Build your own base in the desolate, resource-rich Zandia. Upgrade structures, expand your borders, recruit military units, join Combines, and steal resources from your enemies. Bolster your ranks with a variety of unique units, specializing in defense and offense, upgrading them with the game’s skill tree system. Complete objectives to grow your small base to a force of reckoning, making your mark in history as you lead your military to total land domination.

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Operation 7


Operation 7 is a 3D tactical MMOFPS published by Netgame – the same company behind Hero Online, Colony of War, Scions of Fate, and Cloud Nine. Gameplay wise Operation 7 doesn’t deviate too much from the tried and true tactical MMOFPS genre as it plays a lot like Cross Fire and Sudden Attack. Like other tactical shooters, players have the option to customize their weapons to a certain degree. Graphically speaking the game hasn’t aged too well. The graphics aren’t nearly as ‘good’ as newer MMOFPS games like Alliance of Valiant Arms or Project Blackout.

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Tibia is over 10 years old and is still going strong with hundreds of thousands of active players. Its an easy game to get into, the game downloads in a few second and the system requirements are nearly non existent.

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Rally beneath the Falkyon Federation’s banner to defend Tera against otherworldly beings that seek to claim it for themselves. Tera: Rising drops players into the midst of a conflict between the world’s inhabitants and the Argons, a race of powerful terraforming beings who have come back from defeat to wreak havoc once again. Play as one of seven unique races with inherent strengths and weaknesses, and turn the tide of battle as one of nine playable classes, each with their own distinctive play styles.

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Hex : Shards of Fate


Hex: Shards of Fate is an MMO trading card game developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Collect cards and build a customized deck to fit your play style. Players start a match by drawing 7 cards and summoning monsters to the field by playing Resource cards. You play as a Champion with a special ability that can be called upon in battle, and also determines the type of deck you ought to build. Diminish your opponent’s health to 0 or send all of their cards to the graveyard to win the game.A robust tutorial teaches you the basics, and awards cards to begin customizing your deck.

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Dark Era


Travel through time in this free-to-play action-RPG, and experience famous historical locations all over the globe with Dark Era!Choose from three playable classes and embark on a quest to stop the King of Abyss and his army of phantoms and demons. Visit long-past ages of myth and legend and work together with iconic personalities from each era, including the mighty Greek gods, the legendary King Arthur, and the infamous Robin Hood and his merry men.Collect shards from each period to create powerful weapons and items to help you on your quest to defeat the threat to the universe.

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Ace online


In Ace Online, players pilot their own individual star fighters (called “Gears”) throughout a number of maps, including terrestrial, lunar, and space maps. It has typical MMORPG elements such as leveling, currency, a skill system and combat mostly based on player equipment and level. Ace Online is a largely player vs. player-oriented game (PvP), with character leveling and item acquisition achieved through combat against non-player characters and the completion of missions. After completion of certain missions, more maps will be accessible to the player.

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Touch Online is a rhythm game where players precisely time key-strikes to sync up with the beat and earn points. Dance to a huge selection of tunes, featuring J-POP, K-POP, and English songs across a wide spectrum of difficulties. Play alone or join other players and compete for the highest score. Battle your way through various map stages, completing specific tasks like chaining combos or scoring a specified number of points, to unlock new stages and cosmetics. Conquer each difficulty level, honing your skills, before challenging yourself with the next rank.

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Unlimited Ninja


Based on the Ninja Manga series, Joyfun`s online game,Unlimited Ninja,features fantastic fighting by employing the latest in web game technology.
Join the likes of Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke or even Naruto himself in this online role playing game. Nothing can stop you from becoming the most legendary ninja of all time if you level up your character, gather powerful items and train your skills.
Unlimited Ninja let you become a great Ultimate Naruto and lead your team to victory!

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Empire Universe 3


Empire Universe 3 offers the knowledgeable players from the previous version and new players as well a gaming experience like no other.The players start their career as a commander of an interstellar army and are free to choose their own playing style. Trade and be diplomatic with unlimited amount of players, research new buildings and spaceship technologies or fight in the vastness of the universe to become a feared and respected warrior. There are two game modes available: Play alone or in empires with other players. Either choice will offer you endless gaming opportunities.

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Affected Zone Tactics


Affected Zone Tactics is the new free-to-play PvP MMO game, in which you will participate in amazing, turn-based tactical battles. In this strategy game, you’ll take the role of a Commander of a small mercenary group that embarked on a journey into a mysterious parallel world in search of ressources. You will have to prove your mettle and your strategic talent to defeat the other players.

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Wartune is a browser-based MMO TRPG. It is being developed by the Chinese game company 7th Road and hosted by several game companies on their Servers.
In the RPG portion, players take the role of a Knight, Mage or Archer, and lead 2 legions of Mercenaries through a fantasy-based plotline with modern 2.5D graphics, winning battles and finding treasure to accumulate experience, gold, and various other resources. In the strategy portion, players upgrade Buildings and collect resources.

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All OGame universes consist of three classifications: galaxies, systems, and planet slots (which break down to planets, moons, and debris fields). All universes have up to 9 galaxies, each with 499 (1-499) systems, which have 15 planet slots.

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CrossFire is a free-to-play first-person shooter that features two mercenary corporations named the “Black List” and “Global Risk,” fighting each other in an epic global conflict. Players assume the role of either a Black List or Global Risk mercenary, joining an online team that must work together to complete objective-based scenarios. With the exception of the Zombie mode and Wave mode, each mode can support a maximum of 16 players, each divided into an 8-man team.

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NosTale (The Tale of Nomads of Silver Spirit) is a free-to-play 2D casual MMORPG which takes gamers through seventy exciting levels of the wonderful world of East Mile. Gamers can choose from one of three character classes, each with unique powers and features.

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Star Trek: Alien Domain


Star Trek: Alien Domain is an online Star Trek multiplayer strategy game developed by GameSamba in conjunction with CBS Interactive.

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Drakensang Online


Drakensang Online is a browser-based, freemium online role-playing game of the German enterprise Bigpoint. The gameplay is similar to the Diablo game franchise and is developed by Bigpoint Berlin. It is one of the few MMORPGs developed in the European Union.

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In Aion, you are a winged Elyos or Asmodian, sworn enemy races, exploring a world of breathtaking beauty ripped asunder by a celestial war. In this stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, abundant solo adventures, intriguing epic group quests, challenging dungeons, and massive Legion raids hone your battle skills to new heights.

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War Thunder


War Thunder is an free-to-play MMO combat simulator dedicated to mid-20th century military aviation, armored vehicles, and naval vessel combat. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world. Become a lone hero or lead your team to victory — the choice is yours! War Thunder offers:




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Clash of Avatars


Clash of Avatars is a fun mythical MMORPG with a stylized anime look from AMZgame. Drawing on inspiration from anime and cosplay, accompanied by unusual and exotic companions and a wide array of loyal and ever increasing powerful equine, avian and dragos mounts, CoA is a game for players that are looking for fun, entertainment and enjoyment in a game with a community spirit, full of fun, laughter and battle quests to share with friends and your gaming family.

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World of Warships


World of Warships — Naval action MMO, dipping into the world of large-scale sea battles of the first half of the twentieth century. Epic battle for the title of best deployed on the greatest representatives of the era of multi-ton marine giants.

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Desert Operations


The free-to-play browser game Desert Operations has been bringing players together since 2008 and has been nominated twice in a row for “MMO of the Year”.

The free-to-play online game offers motivating game play and long-lasting fun.

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Armored Warfare


Roaring steel monsters, the most dangerous battlefields all over the globe and the world on fire. Do you have what it takes to step into the flames? Find out more about the fascinating and perilous world of Armored Warfare!

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World of Tanks


World of Tanks is the greatest team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into epic tank battles with other players from all over the world, picking from an arsenal of more than 200 historically accurate armored vehicles from America, Britain, China, France, Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union.

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You were rescued by the Captain Commander Yamamoto yet because you were seriously wounded, you slept for 1000 years. When you finally woke up you forgot all your memories; to search for your forgotten memories, Yamamoto send you to the Human World.

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