Hex : Shards of Fate


Hex: Shards of Fate is an MMO trading card game developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Collect cards and build a customized deck to fit your play style. Players start a match by drawing 7 cards and summoning monsters to the field by playing Resource cards. You play as a Champion with a special ability that can be called upon in battle, and also determines the type of deck you ought to build. Diminish your opponent’s health to 0 or send all of their cards to the graveyard to win the game.A robust tutorial teaches you the basics, and awards cards to begin customizing your deck.

When you’re confident in your skills you can enter the Frost Ring Arena and compete against NPC’s for new cards and rewards. Earn gold by winning matches and spend it in the Shop for cards and booster decks. Or exchange real world currency for Platinum to expand your card collection. The way you build your deck determines whether you win or lose.